Removing Carpet Stains

You don't always have to call a professional carpet cleaning company to remove small stains around the house. Here's some ideas on how to use everyday household products for some easy do it yourself stain removal techniques.

There are dozens of carpet cleaning products available to clean todays carpets.
The secret to keeping your carpets looking their best and lasting even
longer is to remove the stains as quickly as possible not allowing the
stain to set up or dry. Here are a few stain removal tips provided by our friends from

Carpet Cleaning Sacramento.

Drop a glass of something on your new carpet? Well you no longer have
to jump in your car to buy one of those expensive carpet cleaning products
until you try a few other solutions first.

You probably have something in your pantry or under your sink that will
do the trick. Here are some common stains and household products
you can try cleaning with first.

One of the most common everyday stains on carpet is pet stains. Take 4 ounces
of cold tap water adding a teaspoon of ammonia (the kind used for
household cleaning). Using a spray bottle will help cover a larger area
but you can also apply it directly on the stain with a clean rag or sponge.
You want to avoid using so much liquid that it flows down into your
carpet pad or the backing on the carpet. Use a clean white rag or paper
towel to absorb up the cleaning product until dry. Sometimes standing
on the towel will help bring up any excess.

Don’t have any ammonia? You can also make a solution of ¼ of a
teaspoon of a detergent (hand or dish type soap). Check your soaps to
be sure they do not have bleach, oils or lanolin in them.

Remember that one of the best options is to just use water especially if
your stain has dried. This will help rehydrate the stain. When possible
use a steam carpet cleaner on pet stains and dry thoroughly.

Ink stains are also a common and more difficult to remove. Using
rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) pour it on a white rag or a paper towel but
be sure you use white. Begin dabbing the stain until it come clean. It
is important to dab or blot in one direction and do not rub or you will
smear the ink.

Having a get together when the beer or wine gets spilled. Well here
is a solution for that. Mix vinegar (while) in equal parts of water. Put
this mixture into a spray bottle for the best coverage. Spray and let it
sit for about 15 minutes. Using a rubbing motion and a sponge remove
the stain. Then use warm water to rinse. The carpet pile (fibers) will
need to be brushed back to their natural direction. To assist with the
drying process use “white” paper towels over the cleaned area placing
something heavy on it to help absorb the cleaning solution.

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